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And they have the connections and the fanaticism to do it.

new taliban in egypt 5.7.2013

The situation as I see it is different from the Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak years, the Muslim fundamentalists believe that they are in ascendancy, they have even tasted power, no matter how briefly. This story is only just beginning.

NOTE: The loon Left still stuck on stupid would have you believe that if only Israel would accept every one of their suggestions demands, none of this would be happening throughout the Muslim world. Next time you hear someone mouthing this nonsense, tell him or her to shut their pie holes up.

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Published on Jul 4, 2013

This footage is taken from a pro-Morsi demonstration in Egypt after the Egyptian military intervened on behalf of the millions of Egyptians who demanded an end to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. While addressing Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian commander-in-chief, Wahhabis who support Morsi vow to become suicide bombers that will target secularists, Christians, Shiites, and all other opposition forces. A Wahhabi lady covered in black vowed to burn her Christian compatriots.

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  1. If they dare, the retaliation will not compare to what will be un-earthed unto the muslim people world wide, they better accept the fact nobody wants a islamic savage rule where men can totally dominate , rape and do whatever they please because some pervert mohamed wrote notes on how life should be in his sick human and disgusting mind, and muslim men now want this lazy life where women do all the work and the men get the glory for it all, I can tell you , it won’t happen in MY Canada in my life time.

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