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Man who tried to strangle a policeman for demanding his veiled wife to comply with the law is set free.

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This shows exactly what I, and many others have been saying all along, there is no such thing as ‘innocents’ outside of Islam in traditional Muslim thinking. The non-Muslim is free to be plundered, pillaged, raped and murdered because they reject Islam, which is an offense in Islamic jurisprudence. There is no ‘golden rule’ in Islam. Those who follow to the letter their Islamic beliefs, are not there to be on par with everyone else. Get it?

NOTE: Special thanks to Vlad for subtitling and uploading this video, and to Bear for the translation.


July 21, 2013

A Trappes, perpetrators of Friday night have been successful : the man they called for the release was released Saturday . He was placed on probation and will be presented in court in September. Far too lenient punishment for Thierry Maze, national secretary of the police union Alliance:

” He tried to strangle a police officer, it is attempted murder! He should be punished. Otherwise, what’s the use of law enforcement? My colleagues in Trappes are disgusted. “

violence still promised in spite of release of perp. 22.7.2013

After a night under high tension, the republican order has reasserted itself. At 19h on Saturday, no new confrontation was that disturbed the daily city of Trappes (Yvelines). The day before, violent clashes broke out between police and a few hundred local youth hostile to the arrest Thursday of a Trappist 25 years. The latter is accused of trying to strangle a police officer, who had imposed an identity check to his wife .

It must be said that the County took the lead to prevent fray. Security has been enhanced in the vicinity of the police station, where the clashes took place Friday night. A dozen vans of riot police stationed in front of the building while police reinforcements were called in the neighborhood of Cherries , classified sensitive urban areas (ZUS).

The police are on guard

More here in French.

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  1. Not “Despite the release ot the man arrested” but because of it. Until the authorities realise that islam praises and glorifies such actions, and any weakness on the part of the ‘enemy’ is a sign from al’lah to up the violence, they do not stand a chance.
    If they had thrown the man into a filthy cell, with only bread and water, then sprayed the protesters with that lovely stinky stuff the Israelies developed, the muslims would at least felt some respect. As it is, they have no reason to. They just despise them for their weakness and consider their actions reafirmed.
    You would not treat a 3 year old with a trantrum like this. Why then adults?

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