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The Swedes have chosen a new constituency over the Jews.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

That’s the heart of identity driven politics and multiculturalism, always in search of groups to gain their loyalty. The practitioners of such policies (knowing or otherwise) are soulless back stabbing statist bastards who can’t be trusted, ever.

That’s the reason why the importance of the individual outweighs that of the groups. As long as the rights of the individual are secured, the rights for individuals in groups (if they so wish to be) are secured, having no fear of a limited government. The same can’t be said of the reverse as history has shown us.

NOTE: The Local reports that ”Jews have lived in Malmö for over two centuries”, while failing to add that Malmö was the de facto Swedish hub of Nazi sympathizers during the 30’s and 40’s. Now they have a new batch of antisemites, imported from all over the Muslim Middle East.

Jews (and other minorities) in the U.S. have best protections outside of an all intrusive government, the most mischief has been at the hands of the democrats and other statists in government over the past 100 years.

malmö jews question future in city 31.7.2013

Jewish people have lived in Malmö for over two centuries, often arriving in the south Swedish port city, a safe haven for generations, after fleeing persecution and intolerance in other parts of Europe.

But though waves of immigration over the past two decades have made the area more diverse, hate crimes appear to be on the rise and many people, paradoxically, say they feel less secure.

Highlighting a problem many Swedes had thought long relegated to history, the US special envoy for anti-Semitism even visited Malmö last year.

Typically, but not exclusively, the perpetrators of anti-Semitic hate crimes are “young men with roots in the Middle East”, according to Jehoshua Kaufman, a member of Malmö’s Jewish congregation.

Parents are especially worried about their children being subjected to abuse at school.

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  1. Europe still hates it’s Jews so much they’ll let in Muslims. What they feared the Jews would do, the Muslims are presently doing.

    In the words of the genius Nelson Muntz:

    HA HA!

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