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This is an outrage, wrong and those responsible should be prosecuted. I must remind people however, that this wouldn’t be the first time members of the same ideology trashing that which is holy to them in order to blame others.

NOTE: Welsh national socialists should indeed be suspected as well.

muslim graves attacked by graffiti 3.7.2013

Vandals daub racist graffiti and spray swastikas onto graves of dead Muslims in a Welsh cemetery

  • Vandals sprayed swastikas and racist graffiti on Muslim tombstones
  • They signed one tombstone with the initials BNP, UKIP and NF
  • Grave of relative of secretary of the Islamic Society for Wales tarnished


PUBLISHED: 18:47 GMT, 2 July 2013 | UPDATED: 20:50 GMT, 2 July 2013

Muslim graves have been defaced with racist graffiti in the latest case of far-right attacks.

Vandals sprayed swastikas, ‘Lee Rigby murder’, and ‘white power’ on four tombstones in the Muslim area of a cemetery in Newport, South Wales, on Saturday night.

They signed their work with initials of the British National Party (BNP), the UK Independence Party (UKIP), and the National Front (NF).

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