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Yet another Lefty BDS epic fail.

From Aussie Dave at Israellycool via Vlad, be careful not to be eating or drinking anything while viewing the vid, it’ll all end up on your monitor as you explode into laughter and sheer horror.

NOTE: These white people really don’t have the voice or the moves. Just on that basis alone people will flock to buy Israeli goods as a show of protest against this public spectacle.

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  1. I did not get it! Just saw boring singing. What was this all about. Could you, please, elaborate?

    1. Let’s recap: this is simply the celebration of dumb ass juveniles’ inclination to appropriate the sanctimonious air of moral virtue, making it look as if they’re rallying against the so-called inequalities created by the state of Israel. The typical boring ‘universalist scout camp attitude’ of the leftwing do-gooder attending to his / her compulsive complacency and holier than thou attitude. They want to wear the cloak of youthful idealism and to make it seem benign, playful and unobtrusive they need to make a spectacle of themselves as usual, whilst the vehement hatred of the fanatic is boiling over within themselves, but this is not fooling me for one second.

  2. I wonder who it was that was manipulating these fwits.

    This just goes to show that the reasons behind the muslim claim of the ‘dome of the rock’ need to be more publicised.

    Any sane people thinking of supporting fakestinians need to ask themselves if they accept the bizarre story of Mohammeds night journey on the back of a flying white donkey to the ‘farthest mosque’ (RUMOURED to be Jerusalem ) – is convincing proof for them.

  3. What a bunch of useful idiots. The three most things hated by the Left is freedom, reality, and Israel. They can hate all they like but Israel is full of big, tough, badass Jews with heavy military equipment. They will never go meekly into the Lefts’ ovens so the haters can piss off, for all I care! AM YSRAEL CHAI! 😀

    Paleosimian leaders and people call for a Jew-free state and demand to take over all of Israel in the process. Israel gives equal rights to all it’s citizens.

    1. Israel has reduced its armor, maybe not the hi-tech, but the tanks – to about 1/5 the quantity of Egypt’s tanks alone. Israel cannot ride on the laurels of 1967 – it could be fatal. I certainly hope that they pay close attention to the atrophy of their defenses as the surrounding belligerents rearm.

  4. Not a one of them have any knowledge of the people, cultures, history of the region, have never been within 1000 miles of the area, but the brainwashing is so powerful it causes the bots to humiliate themselves in public like this. Cringeworthy waste of human energy.

  5. Cringeworthy it may be but note the demographics. None of them old enough to vote but when they vote their vote will be solid left. The Jesuits got it, so did the Nazis, Muslims and Communists. Get them early enough and they are yours for life. About time the right woke up. Go into any junior high, any class and ask which of the kids do odd jobs to earn extra money and you will find about half of them do. Then suggest it is split up evenly and you will have your first anti left riot in the school

  6. Damn! what a freak show, who taught this morons to dance?

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