The antisemitic move says everything about Roger Waters and his staff (and those who cheered), and nothing about the Jewish state. When irrational hate spewing vitriol is being spewed/promoted, look more closely at the person dishing it out, not at the intended target.

NOTE: The extremist coward would never use any Islamic symbols, just easier targets like the Jews, they don’t issue fatwas.

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Anti-Semitic display at Roger Waters concert

Pig-shaped balloon with Star of David alongside fascist symbols released during British musician’s concert in Belgium. ‘I really love his music,’ says Israeli viewer, ‘but this time he crossed the line’

Eldad Beck

On Saturday night, Israelis were among those who attended a British musician and former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters’ concert in Belgium. Even as Waters is a known activist pushing for the boycott of Israel, Israelis were still amazed to see that the show included a blatantly anti-Semitic display.

Toward its end, a black balloon in the shape of a wild pig was released to the sky, on it a Star of David, in the company of symbols of dictatorial organizations and regimes from around the world.

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2 Responses

  1. One more delusional lefty firmly on the side of the jihad. Waters is now forever famous for his antisemitism, for his use of his fame to go out of his way to support evil.

    In this perversion of the status and success the West has awarded him, Waters is a microcosm of exactly what is wrong with Western thinking.

  2. I guess people don’t listen to the words of “In the Flesh” where he sings “that one looks jewish and that one’s a koon, who let all this riff raff into the room …” which is both anti jewish and black. Of course for all we know the symbol of the pig could have been just going with the song’s expression and meaning if not for the fact that Waters is against Israel and very outspoken.
    Aside from me being more offended that this publication doesn’t know that Waters is actually the bassist from Pink Floyd (yes, I know they cleared it up) I’m a bit put off by any artist downing any religion or country and claims it as entertainment or expression by the artist unless it’s done that way which I doubt it was. It was done to be a total asshole and in poor taste.
    I’m not Jewish, but I do have a problem with him or anyone else presenting what he believes is wrong today. It would be like Ted Nugent stepping on a burka on stage and not expect to get some backlash from the liberals and islams. Then again I’d laugh at that stunt.

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