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He’s right, but ‘peanuts’ still doesn’t get it.

This joker, who represents everything in statist government, is part and parcel one of the contributors to US political decline. He’s a big government statist, as well as being a stooge for UN involvement in US affairs. Democrat statists as well as neo-statist Republicans, who have for the past 100 years sought ways to jettison the constitutional republic (small d democracy) away from its mooring, the U.S. founding document, the constitution.

It’s as Mark Levin says, the U.S. is a post constitutional phase, has been for awhile, getting a brief respite during the Reagan years, only to lurch back to statism during Bush sr., Clinton and Bush jr., now its on steroids during the most radical U.S. president since (IMO) the racist democrat, Woodrow Wilson.

NOTE: Dufus says the right thing, but can’t see the tree for the forest. Also, neither is the EU a functioning democracy nor the many European statist countries that comprise it.

carter laughs

Infowars via Drudge Report:

Former President and Commander-In-Chief: America Is No Longer a Democracy

One of Germany’s biggest newspapers – Spiegel – reports:

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter … in the wake of the NSA spying scandal criticized the American political system. “America has no functioning democracy,” Carter said Tuesday at a meeting of the “Atlantic Bridge” in Atlanta.

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  1. Any pretense of . the USA as a “democracy” is laughable.

    The USA is a “corporate-ocracy”, owned and operated of, by, and for the exclusive benefit of profit-seeking corporations, the plutocrats who predominantly control and manage them, and the venture capitalists who purchase temporary loyalty of . plutocrats and governmental lackeys.

    George Orwell accurately predicted the world’s present condition. In “1984”, compare the “meta-novel” of the Goldstein character and compare the means and ends to what we see around ourselves.

    Power-mongers in good standing don’t really care about wealth, as such. Power mongers care about power, and nothing else. We enjoy causing others to suffer, until they comply with our apparently absurd desires. Kim Jong Un isn’t insane. He’s quite skilled at wielding power. Unless his country is suffering, he can’t know they’re complying with his orders. They don’t unceasingly praise him DESPITE his despotism, they PRAISE HIS DESPOTISM. The more brutal, the more praiseworthy.

    Kim Jong Un runs his fiefdom as he sees fit, with essentially no meddling from the external world. The so-called “Reality-Based World” (RBW) (c) need not exist, so long as he prevents the RBW from infecting his proles consciousness.

    And so he established the model for every corporatist on the planet whose power madness desires nothing so much as the complete and questioned power that Kim Jong Un has achieved.

    Let’s all stop pretending we’re living in or even aspirng too a democracy. We aspiring to reach complete oppression and brutality, symbolized by continuously experiencing a black-booted secret thought policeman crushing a thought criminal’s face under his steel booted heel.

    What a beautiful sight!

    1. God forbid that corporations seek profit! I’m however only against those corporations (there are plethora of different variations, most are small entities) who use the public purse to pad their nest at the taxpayers’ expense. In other words, welfare corporatism. I’m also against the cronyism between government officials and the private sector who scratch each others backs. There are many valid reasons to be skeptical of the present system, but most importantly to know the reason as to why, the post-constitutional phase the US has wandered into after 100 years of constant assault by the statists. Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments offer recourse outside of the use of violence. That’s the way the Framers and Founders intended.

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