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For Egyptian society, that would be a very smart move.

With the government cracking down on the lot, they can’t organize well if they’re all on the run.

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Egyptian Opposition Calls for Brotherhood to be Outlawed

Egyptian opposition group Tamarod calls for an outlaw of the Muslim Brotherhood after weapons are found in its Cairo headquarters.

The Egyptian opposition group Tamarod, which led the recent protests that resulted in the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi, on Monday called on the country’s interim president Adly El-Mansour to outlaw the Muslim Brotherhood to which Morsi belongs.

Tamarod’s demand came as Egyptian security forces closed and sealed the offices of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party in Cairo after finding in it weapons and materials that can be used to make explosives.

A similar demand was also made by Baha Anwar, spokesman for the Shiite Muslim community in Egypt which numbers one million and is subject to persecution by extremist Islamic organizations.

Anwar claimed that the authorities should ban the Muslim Brotherhood because its members threaten security, cause the deaths of protesters and provoke internal conflicts and violence in Egyptian society.

He also called for the prosecution of the Muslim Brotherhood, the former prime minister appointed on its behalf and of other ministers who were responsible for Egypt’s current situation.

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