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Al Quds Day 2013

Jihad virus spreads in Tamil Nadu

Now We Know the Truth Behind U.S. ‘Peace Process’ Policy

Safe driving campaign targets South Asian communities

Leader: ‘Open Season’ on Nigerian Christians by Islamists

Terrorists Lob Rocket at Israel, No One Hurt

CHESTERFIELD: Thug must pay compensation to racial abuse victims

Danish Psychiatrist: Muslims Are Violent Because Of Islam, ‘They Simply Cannot See That What They Have Done Is Wrong’

Italy Muslims to hold pro-Palestine rallies on Quds Day

Thanks Barack… U.S. Releases Five Top Terrorists From Gitmo As Goodwill Gesture To The Taliban

Police investigate Woking poll illegal practices

(EDL Buck: I grew up around here during the 80s, it was a white area back then. The only immigrants we had to worry about were the Italians)

The New Daily Patriot :
Total humiliation today for Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse as he wears their new shirt with Wonga emblazed on it.

[Cisse two weeks ago said he wouldn’t wear it as Wonga went against his Islamic beliefs. Hypocrite Cisse was seen however in a casino gambling hence why he has now been forced to back down.}

Pork chopped:
Dinner lady axed after serving gammon to Muslim pupil

(EDL Buck: I mean let’s face it, dinner laidies arn’t the sharpest tools in the shed)

Ukip leader Nigel Farage says Enoch Powell’s River of Blood speech was a ‘disaster’

(EDL Buck: I can see what “Nige” is trying to do, f*ck off us patriots)


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