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Al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki ‘spent thousands on prostitutes as he traveled the U.S. spreading his message of radical Islam’

SAS sniper ‘put public at risk with war trophy gun that he hid in his bedroom’


EDL Buck: I would rather have one SAS man with a gun than the untold numbers of immigrants with them-at least he would be able to shoot straight

Egypt on brink of civil war as seven killed in clashes between protestors and Morsi supporters while president rebuffs army ultimatum to resolve political crisis

Romanian doctor suspended after discharging patient with broken neck and sending woman home with ectopic pregnancy 

Whites in California are ‘no longer the majority for the first time’ as Latino population soars

First Mandela, now FW de Klerk, 77, taken ill: The man jointly awarded Nobel Peace prize for ending apartheid admitted to hospital to be fitted with pacemaker

Porn magazines set to be banned from military bases after servicemen’s wives claim it causes marriage break-ups

Tommy and Kevin EDL

Oxford Union invites EDL leader
Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, has been invited to a nationalism debate in Michaelmas term

EDL Buck: (LOaded debate anyone?)

Mursi vows to defend ‘legitimacy’ with his blood 

(Israeli) When we first started remembering the dead with flowers: Scientists discover mint and sage laid by grave 14,000 YEARS AGO

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