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Taliban behead two children: Obama welcomes negotiations 

France: Mayor of Nice Says Islam Not Compatible With Democracy 

(Those “Asians” are at it again) Three students in court over rape

Israel to Obama: Stop being so naive on Egypt

Middle England must listen to Tommy Robinson

(Traitor) Ramadan 2013: message from David Cameron

Saudi to expel foreigners disrespecting Ramadan


(Perps are “Asian”) Three hunted over Bradford to Keighley train race abuse claim

Muslim Brotherhood Continue to Kill Christians and Children After Morsi is Ousted by Military 

Beating of Alabama man not seen as hate crime, despite claim ‘Trayvon’ invoked

Dozens of Britain’s worst killers set to launch bids for freedom after European Court of Human Rights rules we DON’T have the right lock them up for life

Finally! The Secret of President Obama’s Middle East Policy Is Revealed (Really, No Kidding) 

Saudi Arabia approves $5 billion aid package to Egypt

Hundreds expected to line the streets for funeral of murdered Middleton soldier Lee Rigby

Congressman ‘frustrated,’ still hunting for Marine colonel in the Benghazi chain of command: ‘The Pentagon is not willing to share any sort of information’

Gunshot wound expert testifies that powder marks on Trayvon Martin’s chest show he was on top of George Zimmerman when he was shot

Former German Chancellor has stashed 38,000 of his favourite menthol cigarettes… because he fears the EU will ban them

(“Asian again) Dentist told nurse to have sex with as many people as she wanted and offered to show her ‘how it was done’, tribunal hears

Doctor couple ‘illegally trafficked nanny from Egypt before imprisoning her at their home and threatening to sell her’

Ramadan Bombathon 2013 Scorecard 

Barnsley Soldier Brutally Attacked Hours After Armed Forces Celebrations

(And about fucking time too) English revolution in House of Commons: Plan to give England’s MPs right of veto on issues not affecting Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland 

Muslim Brotherhood falls back to violent past

Police and bomb disposal experts dealing with suspected bomb near Suffolk airfield 

Brothers jailed for brutal hammer attack outside Birmingham pub 


Nigeria jails ‘Boko Haram’ militants for life 

Leaked Bin Laden report reveals Pakistan failures 

Egypt’s army warns over disruption after Morsi deposed 


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