NOTE: The Muslims and the Serbs were busy being genocidal with each other, and I would wager to bet, if not for Islamic hegemony, the Serbs wouldn’t have been as keen to commit genocide. There were no ‘innocent’ sides in that civil war, and it looks like the Muslims have all but committed genocide in Kosovo by driving out all of the ethnic Serbs, putting to flame everything, including churches.

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Mayor of Srebrenica: Dutch Aid Money Wasted

Camil Durakovic, Mayor of Srebrenica said on Dutch T.V. that a large part of Dutch aid to the town is wasted and remains with international aid organizations. He claimed that there is huge corruption. The annual reports from the Dutch Embassy in Sarajevo on 2011 and 2012 state that these were lost years for aid to Srebrenica.

The Dutch government has spent 120 million Euro so far in aid to Srebrenica. The money is meant for rebuilding, reconciliation and identification of the murdered. Bosnian Serbs committed genocide against thousands of Muslim inhabitants of Srebrenica in 1995 after Dutch U.N. troops stationed there fled upon the instructions of their government.

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  1. Genocide is when nothing remains of the original inhabitants, if their culture and civilisation is erased.

    Kosovo is the historical heartland of Serbia, and the the Serbs in Kosovo have now been wiped out according to Koranic doctrine.

    That, and only that is what counts. Everything else is irrelevant.

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