30 dead, scores wounded….

The MB, once tasting power, is not going to allow it to easily slip away.

mayhem in cairo 6.7.2013

CAIRO — Egypt’s bitter split over who should be ruling the country exploded into violent clashes in the streets of Cairo and elsewhere on Friday as masses of demonstrators celebrating the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi battled crowds of Islamists who wanted him reinstated.

Combatants used rocks, sticks, fireworks and Molotov cocktails in a battle lasting hours that raged near Tahrir Square and across a bridge spanning the Nile, part of the most widespread street violence in Egypt since the early days of the 2011 revolution.

The mayhem capped a day full of massive and defiant protests by Islamists demanding that Mr. Morsi be returned to power. At least four people were killed and many were wounded when security forces fired into a protest near the officers’ club of the powerful Republican Guard, where many believed Mr. Morsi was detained.

With clashes breaking out late into the night, it was impossible to estimate the full extent of casualties and damage. But early Saturday, security officials said at least 30 people had been killed nationwide and hundreds wounded, many of them in Cairo.

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  1. Civil war? A few tens of thousands protesting for Morsi while millions protested against him?

    It would be a pretty short civil war. And if the report that the army has arrested 200 muslim brotherhood leaders is true then the army clearly isn’t afraid to do what they have to in order to prevent a civil war.

  2. What I’m loving about all this is that the Arab Spring was the main goal of 9/11.

    The point was to goad the US into wars that would leave it too exhausted to prevent an islamist takeover of the middle east.

    Seeing these guys get the brass ring only to have it so decisively torn from their hands is truely delicious. Their tears taste like honey.

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