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Hey Finns, still think that you’re a sovereign state?

Looking after one’s own border is a no no for European elitist clubs. It stems from the misconception that all cultures are equal, and that no single group should be set aside for special attention under ans circumstances, regardless of whether their numbers are highly over represented in the crime statistics, even for terrorism.

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Council of Europe: Finnish police guilty of ethnic profiling?

The Council of Europe’s anti-racism body has expressed concerns that police in Finland demand to identity papers based solely on individuals’ appearance. Police deny any discrimination. The interior minister, meanwhile, says that police may be gaining expanded powers to monitor foreigners.

Romanikerjäläisperhe pakettiautonsa vieressä.
Eastern European panhandlers have become a familiar sight in Finnish cities such as Jyväskylä.Image: Yle Keski-Suomi / Terri Niemi

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) on Tuesday publishes its fourth report on discrimination against immigrants in Finland, which has one of Western Europe’s smallest immigrant populations. According to the report, Finland’s Aliens Act allows ethnic profiling, which is forbidden by Council of Europe guidelines.

The report says there is a particular risk of ethnic profiling during annual police crackdowns on foreigners. During these specially-designated weeks, law enforcement officers may stop and question foreign-looking people in places where officials believe they may be causing a disturbance or where undocumented immigrants are known to frequent.

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  1. “Finnish police guilty of ethnic profiling???’

    If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck then….

    If they don’t use commonsense then the Finnish Police should finish policing.

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