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Placing boots on the ground with the intention of ‘nation building’, was the first and biggest mistake of all.

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  1. should have left the musturds alone to inbreed themselves into extinction or mental debility.

  2. This so called ‘nation building IMHO was just another devious scheme to loot our tax dollars and enrich the already bloated military indu$trial complex. The mission as we were told was to destroy Al Queda and the Taliban, a task that our military can accomplish quite well, if they were not hampered, restrained, and bound buy the Politically Correct and asinine ‘rules of engagement’.

  3. Well . . it’s all history now and it has been a huge stuff-up – no doubt about it.

    Rajiv Chandrasekarin’s analyis of what went wrong is just brilliant and well worth your time.

    So many logical fallacies underpinning political and military decision making (strategic and operational) resulting in tragic loss of loss of life and huge fiscal expenditure.

    Just try to wrap your head around this: $100,000,000,000 (that is 100 billion dollars spent in Afghanistan in 2010-2011.

    Totally insane, don’t you think?

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