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  1. Say what you like, the Muslim speakers were super-slick, it is a pity you could not put them on a stand for cross examination. Islam is peace won 286-168.

    1. Sorry sicco but the evidence is out there ! Islam is an abomination , a death cult, a pedophile ring, a cancer in civilised society, a woman haters club,a false religion with a false prophet, a murder addicted political system stuck in medieval times, a society where lying and deceit is normal practice, a culture of men with abnormal sexual preferences, a society of cowards who kill children, need I go on. In short a culture that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth once and for all.

      1. “a woman haters club,a false religion with a false prophet, a murder addicted political system stuck in medieval times, a society where lying and deceit is normal practice, a culture of men with abnormal sexual preferences,”… sorry…. for a minute i thought you were talking about christianity there. you know, the whole burning of the books, spanish inquisition, raping of alter boys…

        By the way, islam and the quran speak heavily against lying, deciept and “abnormal Sexual preferences”… at least they didnt burn books, crack skulls to cure headaches, and publish such tripe as the witch’s hammer. All the guys are saying is that 99% muslims hate terrorism, they hate the concept of sharia law (as depicted by the media and extremists) and they are a peaceful people. Just like i cannot hold all christians accountable for the raping of alter boys so too can i not hold all muslims accountable for terrorism… its a select few assholes in each case who give the rest a bad name. and then dumbasses like you who like nothing more to see their comments in a public forum where they can provoke hate. Your are wrong. just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong!

        1. Agnostic fails to recognize (for whatever his/her reasons) that lying to the non-believer in Islamic jurisprudence is permissible. As for burning books, they torch libraries throughout history, most recent was in Egypt. They torch each others mosques and books burn….. and still prosecute witches in the modern age, all over the Muslim ME. If Muslims uphold the sharia, they are for terrorism, institutionalized terrorism, against the non-believer and those who reject their Muslim upbringing and choose apostasy. When it comes to raping boys, head on over to Afghanistan where its a cultural practice. More boys have been raped there than in any catholic setting.

  2. Well I was about to say, “And I thankyou” however it looks like I may need to hit the books again. Ciccio,you shore mate? I’d like to see the news any other way.

    1. EDL Buck, Ciccio is stating that he would like to put the slick Muslim hucksters under cross examination, that means to he wants to pick their argumentation apart.

  3. And yeah I sent KGS the other video links too ya twat. I believe in freedom of speech, I just trust those with a mind can tell the difference between bullshit and truth. Either way Cicco, (Or is that sicko) that your full of shit. A word from the prols

  4. for All of the people ! that are saying that islam is not a peaceful religion ! just play the video of mehdi hassan again. he explains it the best, our preception, thinking, morality, views. Everything.

    1. Tanveer, the duality within the koran and islamic texts negates any positive attributes ban ied about by Islamic apologists. It matters not how many peaceful Muslims there are, as long as violent, intolerant and genocidal Islam is still 100% legit within Islamic orthodoxy, all four schools.

  5. Mehdi Hasan was a prime example of one of islam’s pillars for warfare: “taqiya”, or the art of deception.

    Hasan is a superb speaker, charismatic and stage-savvy. He is smart and knowledgeable and a master at deception, to the extent that the public applauded loudly his participation in the debate.

    And yet, all he spoke were not quite lies, but un-truths, as befits a good muslim taqiya promoter.

    Let’s take one of his opening acts in which we all have to be thankful to islam for the laptop computers we use daily. According to his logic, algorithms were invented by muslims, the development of laptop computers requires algorithms, ergo, laptops are the creation of muslims. And the public loved it. Sadly for him, algorithms were not invented by muslims. True, there were some few fine examples of muslim scientists engaged in geometry, algebra, astronomy and arithmetic during the golden years of islam (which yes, they did have, but it stopped somewhere around the 15-th century, never to come back again). But that long-shot argument that all scientific achievement is due to algorithms, well… And if we are to follow the same misguided silogism, here’s this one: Alcohol was invented by muslims, (the word alcohol, just like the word algorithm, comes from arabic etimologies), alcohol is one of the curses of modern society, ergo muslims are a curse to modern society. If you accept one, you have to accept the second one as well.

    But the icing on the cake in Mehdi Hasan’s participation was his tirelessly-elsewhere-repeated argument that since 1.5 billion muslims are peaceful, islam cannot be but a religion of peace. That’s right, use the non-political non-activity of the 99% of muslims to cover and justify the vile, criminal, cowardly and thugish acts of the ones that do take the prophet’s teachings to actual practice. What do Chechen terrorists, Iraqi terrorists, Saudi terrorists, Egyptian terrorists, Afghan terrorists, Fakestinian terrorists, Lybian terrorists have in common? Gee, I wonder… Let’s see… I give up, no clue! Certainly they don’t do it to glorify the Chechen or the Afghan or the Saudi governments. Certainly they don’t do it in the name of their king, or their current despot. They always proclaim “allahu akbar”. Wonder what that means?

    When someone dares to “insult” islam with poorly-drawn cartoon of their prophet, thousands of them take it to the streets to riot and pillage. Yet when someone insults their religion by performing a terrorist act in the name of their prophet, where are the large crowds demonstrating aginst them or disangaging from them? For each muslim preacher promoting tolerance and dialog, there are 100 promoting exactly the opposite in the name of islam.

    Yet these bare-bones facts are unseen by Hasan. All he sees is that since 100,000 muslims peasants in Indonesia or Sri Lanka do not riot, ergo, islam is a religion of peace. He hasn’t understood, for instance, Koran’s chapter 2, verses 191-193: “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

    But the most disturbing thing to watch in that debate in Oxford was not Hasan’s expected deceitful practices, which are expected from him and his likes, but a bunch of unsuspecting, naive dhimmies loudly applauding this master-extraordinaire of treachery.

  6. I think you need to listen to Mehdi Hasan’s speach one more time. Or a few more times if you can still manage to be so stereotyped and manipulated by your media that the small newsflash they give you about Arabs and Muslims every day sticks is automatically believed by you and not just that, you generalize across ALL Muslims. I am a Muslim and I am not one thing of what you just said, my friends, family and everyone I know NONE of them could be described by any of what you just said. It’s true, there are Muslims, or people who claim they are Muslims, who come up with the craziest ideas/laws/interpretations of Islam, and these are the ones who shine and get seen and known by people like you. You need to make an effort to learn more about us, otherwise if you don’t have the time/capacity/care to do that, then at least have the courtesy not to go around stereotyping, generalizing and making such claims like the one you just said.

    1. Basic Islam 101, all the horrors, intolerance, misogyny and violence are all sanctioned by all four schools of Islamic jurisprudence. It matters not one bit whether there are peaceful Muslims, the duality contained within Islamic texts namely the koran, ensures the violence, subjugation and supremacy will continue.

    2. No we don’t want to learn more about you. We don’t care about you and we’re perfectly fine with what we’ve learned so far about you: jihad, taqiya, intolerance, bigotry, misogyny, antisemitism. If you just stay in the hell-holes you crawled out from, truly nobody would give a damn about you. The fact that you are infesting every society that hadn’t been poisoned by islam until now, that’s what makes us “stereotyping” you. Where are your family and friends, the ones you claim don’t categorize within the “stereotype”, raising their voices to oppose the wild actions of the savages among you? The maxim is “Silence condones consent”.

      In Germany during the years 1933 to 1945, not every German was a nazi. Yet, Germany in that period is defined solely by the nazis, their hatred, their crimes against humanity and their totalitarian ideology based on conquest, war, destruction of Jews and subjugation of every neighboring country. Nobody thinks about Mr. and Frau Schmidt, peacefuly drinking tea in Munich while listening to Mozart and watching their grandchildren play in the garden. And yet Mr. and Frau Schmidt were in the majority of Germans.

      In 2013, not every muslim is a terrorist. Yet islam today is defined solely by the fanatics, their hatred, their crimes against humanity and their totalitarian ideology based on conquest, war, destruction of Jews and subjugation of every neighboring country. And you and your family and your friends are doing nothing to reverse that definition. You do not define islam. Ahmadinejad, Khomeini (rot-in-hell), Arafat (RIH) , Mohammed Atta (RIH), Erdogan, Kadafi (RIH), Sadam Hussein (RIH), Nidal Hasan, Dzokhar Tsarnaev. Those are the ones that do.

  7. @mad-aussie Did you listen to the debate? I am an Australian and you make us look so ignorant. The fact of the matter is that Muslims are not as bad as you think, in fact you’d be surprised to know that Muslims are the most peaceful people, why do you think Islam is the fastest growing religion today? but of course you would know nothing about that because you spend your time listening to the media and letting the media think for you instead of actually picking up a history book or the Quran or even ask a Muslim and exercise your brain a little. @mad-aussie

    1. Emily, I can easily make claims as well, just open the internet and find a treasure trove of competing views: //www.archive2012.faithfreedom.org/features/letters/indonesia-set-to-leave-islam-in-about-two-decades/

      You’ll have to excuse us for not buying into your logic in the argument, seeing that whatever land touched by Islam, turns into an automatic hell hole after Islamization gets a hold of it, Muslims flee Islamic lands for the non-Muslim West. The vote of their feet pulls the very rug from underneath your argument.

  8. May Peace be upon those who follow the guidance.

    Many people who are speaking about Islam in a negative way, have not really studied Islam. Because if they had, they would surely know that it is the truth – a religion ordained by Allah Almighty. Honestly, if anyone is seeking the truth, they will definitely end up considering Islam as a religion, but what keeps them from embracing and accepting Islam is their fear of being rejected in Society. Most of the negative comments that are being made are either foolishness, arrogance to admit Islam is all about peace and submitting to the commands of Allah Almighty, or just too lazy to learn about this great religion of peace. So now what they do is exaggerate on whatever the media tells them about Islam and others take that as factual. In fact Islam prohibits its followers from speaking negatively about any other religion out there. Islam accepts all the Prophets (peace be upon them all), from Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus etc. and inculcates peace. My advise is this, if you are really a seeker of truth, then ignore everyone’s views on Islam including the media, friends and families and go and find out for yourselves by start reading a translation of the glorious Quraan with sincerity. Also ask God to help you on your mission to seek the truth. You will then see for yourself the greatness of this true religion. 100% of the negative comments are really people slandering Islam without a clue what Islam is really about. Remember one thing, there is one true God and there is a day of reckoning, and there is Hell and there is Paradise which is eternal. So sacrifice a few minutes of your time and do proper research and you could save yourself in both this life and the next life which is eternal. So lets all of us speak peacefully to each other and tolerate each other based on facts and not hearsy. Thanks.

    1. Hey Zakarieya, the gig is up, no matter how much lipstick you place on a pig’s lips, it’s still a pig. We all know much much more now thanks to apostates, and westerns scholars who flush out all the sordid details of that ideology. People are leaving the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage (IPO) in droves more than ever, and that’s to be celebrated. Toss that nonsense upon the ash heap I say.

  9. Islam is a fasting growing religion on earth because you’re going to be mercilessly KILLED if you want to leave Islam.

  10. I can never understand why nobody questions that Mohammed had a nine year old wife, among his other older wives. In my books he was a paedophile.
    I understand that any “holy” book can be manipulated to suit the speaker; but a book that purports to be the unchallenged word of Allah and is not allowed to be changed as humanity progresses which was told verbatim to Mohammed by a voice purporting to be God seems very unsatisfactory to me.
    For instance: when my ex husband said he heard voices coming from God he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic by a psychiatrist.
    Maybe Mohammed was a schizophrenic voicing all those desires to kill people to suit his own purpose?

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