Obama Racial Issues Racism or not Thomas Sowell



Thomas Sowell on Barack Obama’s race baiting of the Zimmerman verdict:

”It was a clever way to play the race card, as he had done before, when Professor Henry Louis Gates of Harvard was arrested.”


Is This Still America?

Thomas Sowell | Jul 16, 2013

There are no winners in the trial of George Zimmerman. The only question is whether the damage that has been done has been transient or irreparable.

Legally speaking, Zimmerman has won his freedom. But he can still be sued in a civil case, and he will probably never be safe to live his life in peace, as he could have before this case made him the focus of national attention and orchestrated hate.

More important than the fate of George Zimmerman, however, is the fate of the American justice system and of the public’s faith in that system and their country. People who have increasingly asked, during the lawlessness of the Obama administration, “Is this still America?” may feel some measure of relief.

But the very fact that this case was brought in the first place, in an absence of serious evidence — which became painfully more obvious as the prosecution strained to try to come up with anything worthy of a murder trial — will be of limited encouragement as to how long this will remain America.

The political perversion of the criminal justice system began early and at the top, with the President of the United States. Unlike other public officials who decline to comment on criminal cases that have not yet been tried in court, Barack Obama chose to say, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

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2 Responses

  1. Obama’s comments are way out of line, and racist. He has prejudiced any future appeals, and made any further trials virtually impossible.

    What is astounding, is that these comments are coming from the president, who after all took an oath to defend the constitution, which I presume guarantees free and fair trials. He also claims to have a law degree.

    I’m afraid that Americans have elected an out-and-out racist, who puts his half-African heritage above the law, above the constitution, and above the well being of the USA.

    The best thing for Zimmerman to do now is to instruct his lawyers to sue everyone in sight – the MSM and Obama. Then seek refuge in Peru. Its only in Peru is he likely to be able to walk the streets a free man.

    1. I absolutely agree with you DP111. Obama is a racist And falls in well with the other black racists stirring the victim pot. White on black violence is extremely low when compared to black on white or black on black violence. I’m so sick and tied of the PC bullshit that only White people can be racist. Or worse still that your a racist because your White. I don’t consider my self a racist at all ,but If these sorry arsed groups keep up their PC United Nations endorsed crap, I just may turn into one.

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