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PC multicultural politics only moves in one direction.

Yet another case of a Westerner in her own culture being forced to bend to the will of others offended by that culture. Question, why were they visiting a foreign culture if not to experience it?

H/T: Petri Kaivanto

tourists upset over finnish mother breastfeeding her baby in restaurant 30.7.2013

Iltalehti contacted the  upset friend of the nursing mother. According to him, as an alternative to the toilet space a childcare room was provided in the basement.

– According to the restaurant breast-feeding is a disturbing or disgusting thing to do, that the mother should leave the group and go all the way down to feed her child, unless you want to do it in the crapper, a furious woman complains.

Näsinneula restaurant manager Jukka Ala-Leppilampi wanted to emphasize that there is no general ban in the dining area on breast-feeding. In this case, the request was made to move elsewhere for the comfort of other customers.

– Indians were seated at the adjoining table, people accustomed to a different culture. As the waiter saw that they were clearly uncomfortable with the situation, the staff went to kindly say, could you continue to breast-feed in a more peaceful place, Ala-Leppilampi  clarified.

According to him, it is common for a man, especially foreign customers react to breastfeeding often very embarrassingly.

More here in Finnish.

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