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The first step in taking back America is to turn to the constitution for direction. The Framers wisely laid the groundwork within that document for future generations to use in order to defeat for what they most certainly knew would come, the rise of the statists, and their assault on the constitutional republic itself.

You can’t have a centralized, all powerful federal government, and remain a constitutional republic, the two political systems are diametrically opposed to each other, one has to give. For over a hundred years the march towards statism has gone for the most part, unhindered, and their successes have been staggering. Here’s the latest in measures contrived to turn the tide of the republic’s march towards oblivion, the Framers provided a way out, it’s up to today’s generation of Americans to prove that they’re still worthy of the name and of the republic handed to them.

liberty ammendments 1

liberty ammendments 2

liberty ammendments 3

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