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How dare concrete facts get in the way of teaching history.


jihadi speaks

muslim outrage over virtual third temple 24.7.2013

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  1. Only the Israeli Temple belongs on Mt Moriah. The demon worshipers have mecca.

  2. The Jews have every right to hope of rebuilding of their Temple. Whether it would be possible is left to history. They are trying to recreate something that was there and not a fictitious thing.

  3. How can Muslims believe in a Night-journey to Jerusalem to a jewish temple which was never THERE? Stoned-gawd allah claims to have given the “Children of Israel” the promised land, in fact they were his FIRST choice for HIS message. So what happened to the ISLAMIC message Mussa/Moses received from his gawd? Well it looks to me MUSLIMS changed the religion and created their own “new” improved version. Worse of all, all biblical figures who used to be MUSLIMS went against the instructions of allah, Adam and Eve, Cain the first Muslims killer, Noah a Muslim Imam and preacher was incapable to convince the people of his time that Islam was beneficial to them.
    Of course later the “Children of Israel” changed their religion and the same of course the Muslims who followed Jesus, they too lost faith in Islam and vanished in history, giving space to the religion called Christianity. And yet the last message was NOT altered? BTW when the lice-ridden profeet went to Jerusalem there was NO longer a temple, it was gone, razed to the ground by the romans…

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