Islam in France Muslim Criminality



Fm Vlad:

Oz-Rita sent this in. It will take most of the day to translate all the materials involved but for now, here are the main facts.
The town name is TRAPES.  (French countryside).
One muslim woman in full burka  (which is against the law) was asked to identify herself by police –  husband objected, immediately 200 to 400 arabs/muslims surrounded police, I think some police were hurt, riots started and cars were burnt.  It’s a very volatile situation, developping….
Here is the link to FdeSouche


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  1. Violent muslims almost never attack unless they have already made sure they have a superior number of people to fight with the cops. The police will not learn how to defend themselves against this trap because it’s ‘racist’ to identify and protect themselves or the general population against muslims.

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