Egypt Muslim persecution of Christians



This is how it’s always been, know your place as a dhimmi, and hide when the Muslim mob gets moving.

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CAIRO (AP) — With a mob of Muslim extremists on their tail, the Christian businessman and his nephew climbed up on the roof and ran for their lives, jumping from building to building in their southern Egyptian village. Finally they ran out of rooftops.

Forced back onto the street, they were overwhelmed by several dozen men. The attackers hacked them with axes and beat them with clubs and tree limbs, killing Emile Naseem, 41. The nephew survived with wounds to his shoulders and head and recounted the chase to The Associated Press.

The mob’s rampage through the village of Nagaa Hassan, burning dozens of Christian houses and stabbing to death three other Christians as well, came two days after the military ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi from power. It was no coincidence the attackers focused on Naseem and his family: He was the village’s most prominent campaigner calling for Morsi’s removal.

Some Christians are paying the price for their activism against Morsi and his Islamist allies in a backlash over his ouster last week.

Since then, there has been a string of attacks on Christians in provinces that are strongholds of hard-liners. In the Sinai Peninsula, where militant groups run rampant, militants gunned down a priest in a drive-by shooting as he walked in a public market.

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  1. Aren’t they supposed to be observing the month of Ramadan — fasting and practicing self-restraint!?

    1. They don’t even practice what they “claim” is religion… Some muslims are great people respect their culture, others use it as a crutch and claim it only when its beneficial to them. That’s the worse type. Pigs.

      I pray these people will rest well and their deaths won’t go in vain.

    2. Ha. Yeah, they’re soooo holy. My husband who is originally is from Egypt says that it doesn’t apply to terrorists.

  2. The “religion of peace.” Hahahahaha! Brain-dead Americans will buy anything, won’t they?

    1. Brain dead liberals…lets put that correctly….or any Obama followers and supporters!

      1. what the fuck. obama has nothing to do with whats going on in egypt..get over it ,i know your another tea party puck blames everyone but the real problem THE REPUBLICANS

        1. Tony state your claims, we are all ready to apply some logic and facts to it.

        2. Tony you shmuck! Obama is the ass that is sending support to the thugs killers that are doing this you idiot. Obama wanted Morsi as his puppet and these thugs are paying retribution agains anyone who opposed Morsi!!! So get a life you idiot!

      2. The only brain dead person I see is you Larry… To think you Save America Conservatives are going to make things better you had better wake up and smell the roses before it’s too late.

  3. whoever you (mob,supporter) you are chilldren of Devil!! for you useless reason you kill person. what kind of GOD you have you kill a person for the sake of your useless reason. Who your GOD will accept you what you did? Let me tell you the truth ” I don’t think you are beliveing the True GOD” the true GOD will never let you do such crulity. Why don’t you challenge with your book, or the religious speritual power or intellectual approch . rather than your musel ,gun , or collection of bunch of useless group and ideas. Trully You will deserve HELL in life and after death!!!

  4. God rest their souls. They are in the arms of Jesus. And we will mourn for them and pray for their fellow Christians who face such persecution.

      1. Indeed this is true darren. They will have their reward!

  5. this is inhuman ; to murder innocent Christians; this shows the Muslim Brotherhood are evil and must not be allowed to return to power

  6. Do not judge religion on the acts of its followers, Christianity has been hounded by many atrocities during its 2000 years existence.
    We had Crusades, Inquisitions and witch hunts and in modern times paedophilia by the clerics.
    Don’t judge unless yea be judged, of course one condemns these atrocities but blame the stupid and criminal minds of the perpetrators.

    1. M.Borg is completely out of touch with the reality that what Islamic fundamentalists are doing, is sanctioned by mainstream Islam 101. Therein lies the problem. Crusades, inquisitions and and witch hunts as well as pedophilia has no basis in Christianity, nor is there any sanction of them in the present day.

    2. Resistance is futile. You will all be assimilated. 🙂

    3. ..its not about judging religion thro’ followers, but its about theology.. not to deny crusades, etc., but you should have little sense to know that they are isolated events happened in one or few societies and not worldwide.. but when u analyse the case of muslims, u will surely find “wherever this virus is there, there will be terrorism and problems”.. could u deny it? if u deny, provide details of some muslims communities that don’t have extremism, starts from rich Saudi to poor Sudan? learn the facts, then come to mock..

  7. The atrocities mentioned are directly associated with the Roman Catholic Church, not Christianity. The catholics are not followers of Christ because they openly state that their traditions are of higher importance than the Holy Scriptures. This might lead them to do things like forbidding priests from getting married when the Bible states that “forbidding to marry” is a “doctrine of devils” — This doctrine of devils causes many problems for the priests in the catholic church.

    1. So where in that bible of yours does it say that Scripture alone is the way to learn Christ’s teachings? 2Thessalonians 2:16 says “So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.” How did the Apostles teach everyone by scripture alone in the beginning when the New Testament wasn’t written for several decades after the crucifixion? You might want to put a little common sense in to your thought process on that belief that tradition is evil. Also, please keep in mind that there were very few people that were literate in the earliest days of Christianity, so they weren’t sitting around reading bibles to spread the message. Oh yeah, and bibles weren’t easy to come by for another 1400 years give or take, not to mention they were still too expensive for the vast majority of citizens to have them for quite a while after that as well. But if that is your only source of trust in Christ, I guess its better than nothing. It seems to me Christ trusted his apostles well enough to do the teachings through the tradition he taught them since I don’t remember reading in the bible where he told them, “Write this down, this is important!”

    2. He never said that Traditions were evil. And I highly doubt he believes that. He said that the Roman Catholic Church believes that their traditions are more important than the Holy Scriptures, which would mean that they believe their traditions are above Christ’s teachings, therefore not followers of Christ. They also put a man between your relationship with God. Christ says the only way to the father is through him, but they put a man in the middle, effectively hindering your personal relationship with God. I’m glad to see someone pointing out the Christian – Catholic disconnect. I hear people bash Christians over acts committed by the Catholic Church all the time and it gets very old very fast.

  8. This photo is from the Maspero massacre, but the story is real. Pray for Egypt.

  9. Egyptian Christians are 10 million strong, they should all gather under the Banner of the Cross and walk to Assyria, where they should raise a Christian Army to destroy all of Islam both Sunni, Shiitte, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. Israel and the USA will help you after this muslim brother leaves the White House.

    1. Protestant ignorance and plain bigotry. Scripture was written and compiled by the early church and protected from private judgement and hersesy again and again! The whole character of christianity is catholic.

      Scripture is the holy tradition the teachings of Christ. They are inseperable. Nothing in Catholic teaching contradicts the scriptures… nothing whatsoever!

      1. nothing contradicts?? well, i wonder what bible you have. to name just a few in a hurry:
        forced celibacy
        a “mediator” instead of a personal relationship with the Son
        idolatry (“saints”, “holy virgin”, etc.)
        enough for a start?
        and believe me, i know what i’m speaking of. i’m a born catholic, but converted to “bigot” protestantism, for all the distortions of the bible i couldn’t bear any longer!

        1. @Giselle Do you ever ask anyone to pray for you? Ever? Well that is what a Catholic does when praying to the Saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Who better to ask God for a favor than someone who has demonstrated that they are in Heaven, and therefore God’s proven friend, with miracles attributed to them? We are struggling with the World, the Flesh and the Devil, and therefore remove ourselves from the friendship of God because of our actions. They, the saints and the BVM cannot remove themselves from the friendship of God because they are in Heaven. Therefore we ask them to pray to him for us.

  10. The answer for atrocity is NOT to call for more atrocity….Have you never Heard of Martin Luther King calling for peaceful reaction!!!!!!

    1. Martin Luther King is dead and so will all Christians be if Muslim brotherhood and other terrorists have their way. there is a time to fight-in the Bible.

  11. These Men and Women are Martyrs, as the Lord said this would happen. Since the Apostles men and women ave been dying in the name of the Lord. I will pray for them, and pray for their families. BTW Terrorist Muslims come to the US and try this type of activity and see what happens! I know some Good Ole’ Boys that would like to have a few words with you guys.

  12. I am becoming more amazed that when I pull up an article and read it that the comments are so “ugly”. I am trying as a Believer to understand the Muslim perspective, we criticize what we don’t understand and what we fear. What I find more and more whether the topic is religion, abortion, or homosexuality are a LOT of people throwing barbs back and forth. To find truth in a situation we must talk and listen; we don’t have to agree. We come to our own conclusions and have respect for others’ conclusions.

    1. Pam, many do understand, the ultimate goal of Islam is to stamp out Christianity. It is not humanly possible to be a good American and a good Muslim. They have rallied to turn the white (holy) house into the black (evil) house from within the borders of the USA. So many Americans have such a lack of patriotism and a lagging Christian background. Men used to be strong protectors, and now they want to be thugs and wear their pants around their knees. Poor Egypt, that some of their people think it is okay to act in such a manner, and God rest the souls of these martyrs and somehow give peace to their mourning families; but, in my opinion, the USA is in an equally sorry state, and heading in a downward spin. If we don’t wake up soon it will be too late for you and I, as they change our country from within. Do your research, and good luck finding a peaceful islamic uprising. Their only true goal is conquering, and God have mercy on you if you are able to understand that. There is a very large difference between converting (changing) and conquering (controlling).

  13. I can’t help but feel a little manipulated. A horrible image from a previous event is tacked on to a story that may or may not be current. If they lied about the image, what else are they lying about?

    1. Paul Hannah, it clearly reads as a file photo. no manipulation going on. The brunt of the story in the lead up is that Christians are being hounded, that file photo from a previous happening adds to the story.

  14. I don’t think it matters when these Christians were murdered. They were martyred by misguided people of the Islamic faith simply because there were Christian. They stand as a symbol of the Christians being killed throughout the world for no other reason than believing in Jesus as their Saviour. They are at rest now in the arms of Jesus and their trials are over, ours are just beginning….

  15. Deceived people do not know that they follow a religion whose father is Satan. Jesus explained it best in John 10:10-11, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly. I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.” Many who follow the teachings of Muhammad/The Koran whose god is Allah “steal and kill and destroy.” Pray that the true God of the Bible will open the eyes of Muslims, and lead them to the repentance at the foot of the cross.

  16. I think this is terrible,( what is wrong with those people,) and to think we have a muslim in OUR white house, since he has been in office my husband and I will not give to charity , etc. we are just waiting the 4 years out, we don’t feel safe here having a weak leader, someone you can not trust. and to think we have these people here in our country , it is really a stomach turn to me , to know our country is in so so much trouble. and the future of our children are at stake here..the most ugly part of all this , that some people voted this man in again, we never voted the first time , nor this time.

  17. ISLAM is Devil’s religion…. Majority of the muslims follow the path of devil.. (Allah) GOD will not listen them.. they have the promis land of hell

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