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All the power to these patriot Arabs of the Israeli state.

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IAF thumbs up

They know which side their bread is buttered on, Christian Arabs are being slaughtered all over the Arab Muslim Middle East, and thriving like never before within the Jewish state. An easy pick.


New Christian Arab party calls for IDF enlistment

‘Sons of the New Testament’ movement is latest expression of growing desire among country’s Christians to assert their Israeli identity

Christian Arab citizens of Israel are forming a new political party that calls for Arab enlistment into the IDF. The party’s Hebrew name — B’nei Brit Hahadasha — means “Sons of the New Testament,” although the word “allies” is hidden in the title as well.

The effort is part of a growing assertiveness on the part of Christian Arabs in the wake of the Arab Spring, as they increasingly sound calls for an identity distinct from Israel’s broader Arab society, which is around 90% Muslim.

According to its Facebook page, the party’s platform includes full integration of Christians in all fields, peace with a democratic Palestinian state and all of Israel’s neighbors, increased tourism and trade, and the return of Israelis who have left the country.

Israel Hayom reported Tuesday that the new movement is led by Bishara Shilyan, a 58-year-old sea captain from the mixed Christian-Muslim city of Nazareth. Shilyan said the idea came to him when he saw how much trouble his nephew ran into when he tried to enlist in the army.

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  1. We must pray that West provides financial aid to Christians in Israel, to form a militia to liberate Christian lands now occupied by Islamic invaders.

    As a start Lebanon and Sinai can be a proto-Christian state in that region.

    Will it ever happen? It most certainly if we dont pray and talk about it.

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