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Further arrest in case of Manchester mum feared murdered, as police reveal she hasn’t been seen in four weeks 

£260,000 to police three EDL protests in Birmingham and Walsall 

Egypt, Sidi Gaber 5 July 2013

Impeachment: The Unthinkable Process

EDL Buck: (I Know, can’t help meself) Rule Britannia (With lyric annotations)

(KGS, I love this tune me) Cock Sparrer – England Belongs To Me

Muslim Brotherhood site says Egypt’s new president is secretly Jewish


Life Under Boko Haram In Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria 

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  1. I have heard it argued somewhere, that if humanity eradicated crime and war, violence and hatred, and disposed of all weapons and lived in universal harmony, respect, tolerance and love; if a hostile invasion came from outer space we would be completely defenceless against it. Probably not understand it, and try to reason with these aliens as they were mowing down the human race.
    I feel that there is a parallel here to our present day situation. We have rendered ourselves defenceless with our principles, against murdering aliens from here on Earth, intent on cutting down all opposition and exterminating everything that we have created.
    Take a walk in any town and see the disastrous changes, look at the international news on the net.
    Just today:
    -Converts to Islam, their first thought to learn how to make bombs and blow up non-Muslims.
    -Schools in Africa attacked by Islamists and every teacher and pupil killed.
    -Riots and murder in Muslim countries.
    -Christians murdered and persecuted in Egypt and elsewhere.
    -Buddhist temple bombed in India.
    -Our leaders supporting Muslim revolts and supplying arms and training.
    There is much more every single day, every time the same alien force of Islam, cutting down all opposition and exterminating every thing that they choose to find offensive. It is spreading and worsening while a chorus of our duely elected leaders sings that all that we have to do is understand them and their message of peace and love.

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