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  1. I detected a sense of skepticism in Lauren Green’s delivery of the teleprompted report at the beginning of the segment, as she hesitated, ever so slightly, taking a deep breath as she introduced Raymond Ibrahim, but she seemed to come around by the end of her report.
    Speaking of numbers. . .this was posted in the comments on FreeRepublic earlier today and is worth repeating:

    “100,000 muslim jihadis here on H-1B, L-1, refugee and expired student visas working in power plants, fertilizer factories, refineries, chemical manufacturers, hospitals, utilities, dams, pharmaceutical formulators, web hub server farms, municipal water supply facilities, sewage treatment plants, meat packing and food processing plants, driving HazMat trucks…
    Remember when the Vietcong took over Huế? They were able to round up every government official, march them all off into the jungle and kill every last one of them in one single night.
    They knew exactly where they lived, who they visited, where they shopped and where they ate dinner, and when.
    How you ask?
    The cabbies had been providing the data on their every move for years in advance.
    Soooo, where do most of the cabbies in your berg come from? In Washington DC, it’s Somalia…
    Just because we’ve forgotten the lessons of Huế and the lessons of the Sapoy Rebellion’s “The Perfect Day” doesn’t mean our enemies have.
    Wiki seems mute on The Perfect Day. That information used to be readily available there. Now it’s barely mentioned.

    Think about that as you ponder current headlines regarding the current American administration’s invasive scandals including this posted this morning:
    Report: The NSA is secretly collecting millions of Americans’ phone records daily

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