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English Defence League leader condemns attacks on Muslims 


(Tard slashes tard friends) Man alleged to have slashed friends after they voiced support for Woolwich victim, Lee Rigby 

Boy suffers sex attack in Greyfriars Bus Station toilets

DOJ regards criticism of Islam, Obama as criminal?

EDL, Protecting our children’s future 

PM Erdogan issues stern warning 

Mother who ‘threw her six-day-old baby down a tower block’s 40ft rubbish chute meant to kill her’

(Now griffin is a nazi of the highest order) BNP leader Nick Griffin visits Syria after receiving invite from President Assad

First World War commemorations begin next year… but ministers are afraid of saying who started it 

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  1. Bill Cosby was NOT talking about islam. Allan West missread him but it was a very easy mistake to make. Mr. West is not wrong but he’s not thinking of the same ideology that Mr. Crosby is talking about.

    Mr. Crosby was talking about Nation of Islam when he said “black muslims”. Black Muslim is an actual thing – NOT a description of black people who are muslim. It is a black empowerment and seperatist movement to which Malcom X was associated.

    They aren’t remotely muslim and use the Bible (they may have very recently stopped). Their motivation in thinking of themselves as some sort of pidgin muslims is purely out of a motivation to reject Christianity because it’s the religion of the white oppressor.

    Bill Cosby is still a tard for saying what he did because it’s essentially a cult that serves to enrich it’s leader. Furthermore it is a leader of the Nation of Islam that is widely suspected of killing Malcom X. Suspected in that everyone dang knows he did it and there have been reports that he openly bragged about it.

    I’d love to hear what Mr. Cosby has to say about David Koresh.

  2. Why they rejected the religion of the slave masters who didn’t castrate them in favor of the religion of those who did castrate their african slaves, and who widely engage in slavery to this day, is beyond me.

    If anyone is interested there is a real and certified african american jewish congregation in New York (and I think some other places too). The originator of the congregation was inspired to create it because jews had been slaves in Egypt just as african americans had been slaves in America. It’s officially certified by whatever jewish organization certifies such things and their rabbies are real rabbies.

    I’ve seen the website, vids and writings by the members and rabbis and there’s no difference between how they sound and what you would hear in a synagog anywhere else.

    There are some nutters and con men who call themselves jewish and stand around in Times Sq bothering people. They should NOT be confused with real african american jewish congregations.

  3. Interesting, could you provide some links about this please Truthocity?

  4. EDL Buck

    Theres several links but I can’t find the specific congregation I had read about some time ago. Googled “african american synagogues new york” “Black jewish new york”

    Went looking for it again and found one in chicago too. Then found that there are currently at least 4 african american jewish congregations in the New York area alone. Then I found one in Philadelphia (started 50 yrs ago). A hell of a lot more than I thought. One black jewish rabbi is a cousin of our First Lady.

    There are “600,000 jewish people in america who are not white”. Dunno what that means though.

    Some started in relation to ethiopian judaism (there was a “lost tribe” found in Ethiopia and airlifted to Israel) and some started in the 60’s when african americans were searching for an alternative to christianity. Some were looking for alternatives around 1900 and they were involved with Marcus Garvey.

    The original synagog that lead to the congregation I was thinking of was the commandment keepers who started around 1900 by Rabbi Wentworth Arthur Matthew.

    Remember when reading about these that there are also some nutters who claim to be israelites but ain’t.

    If your interest is finding potential allies I think you would be barking up the wrong tree. The real african american jews are fairly mild mannered people and not given to conflict, otherwise more people would have heard of them.

    The ex con nut bags that call themselves Israelites are not really jewish and have a well deserved horrible reputation. They used to stand around in Times Sq yelling at everyone. One group published a pamphlet saying it’s the black man’s right to rape white women. You wouldn’t want the papers saying they have anything to do with you.

  5. EDL Buck. Cant find the specific congregation I had read about.

    There are a lot of african american jews. They came to judaism in a variety of ways.

    -Ethiopian jews (didn’t actually turn to judaism as they were already jewish- considered a lost tribe and airlifted to Isreal.
    -african americans who turned to judaism around 1900. One of those congregations is known as the Commandment Keepers.
    -african americans who turned to judaism in the 60’s.

    There are at least 4 black congregations in New York
    At least one in Chigago. One Chicago rabbi is cousin to Michele Obama.
    At least one in Philedelphia that was started in the 60s

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