Tommy and Kevin EDL

In Defence of the English Defence League

by M-CAT (June 2013)

This essay has been prompted by a couple of things – firstly, that 25,000 Muslims in my home town of Birmingham, England, recently demonstrated against freedom of speech in a local park, an event that was traitorously supported by non-Muslim clergy of various denominations and parliamentarians from the three major political parties, and secondly, Mohammed Ansar and other prominent Muslim activists have been petitioning the Home Secretary (so far unsuccessfully) to have the EDL classified as a “hate group” so that its activities may be proscribed in the same way that Al-Muhajiroun (a genuine terrorist-supporting organisation) has been proscribed under the Terrorism Act of 2000.

I remember when even before the EDL first came into being years ago, there had been a growing feeling of resentment among many native English people that a blind eye was being turned by the police to an disproportionate level of criminality in the Muslim communities up and down the country. Not only were these Muslim communities failing to integrate with the rest of us, despite huge financial support from taxpayers and the renowned British tolerance inherent in the population, Muslim were forming ghettoes, displacing anyone non-Muslim through subtle and not-so-subtle campaigns of fear and intimidation, and indulging themselves in various anti-social activities such as the sexual grooming of non-Muslim female children and drug-dealing on an industrial scale. This was not so much a religious community, keeping themselves to themselves, as it was an invading and colonising force, thriving on unprecedented levels of welfare parasitism, and making a mockery of the “community cohesion” that various governments over the last 20 years or thereabouts have wanted us to enthusiastically embrace.

Not only Liberal / Labour governments, but also Conservative governments, have turned a blind eye to the problems that have been allowed to develop. Whether it was through the pure malice of Labour’s attempt to “rub the right’s nose in diversity” through unrestricted immigration, or the simple uncaring neglect by politicians of all stripes who assumed that by the time the proverbial brown stuff hit the air cooling device, they would have long since retired on gold-plated pensions, we have now arrived at a point where if something is not done, we will be headed down the path towards civil war. I have written extensively in articles on Twitter as to why I believe this is so, and a lot of my conclusions derive not just from my personal experience of having travelled widely throughout the Middle East and seeing Islam in action first-hand, but also from historical records and analysis of exactly what happens when Islam is allowed to expand unchecked in a community or in a country.

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