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Vlad: at 7:00 minutes into this #4 documentary on how Euro-jihadis are figting in Syria, the brit-tard exposes why Islam is about savagry. He totally lets it slip at that point

Britons fighting with Syria’s jihadi ‘band of brothers’.

Published on Jun 14, 2013

In this Channel 4 News exclusive, British and other western jihadi fighters are shown in Syria as never before – fighting and killing, shopping and preparing for a wedding.

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  1. Begs the question . . .if Britons are fighting in Syria . . is it against the law, given, the UK along with the US stated they will arm and fund the rebels fighting Assad because they believe Assad used chemical weapons?
    Make this into a win win for the UK.
    The UK is more than likely already paying benefits to those ‘Britons’ fighting in Syria. So, as Hillary Clinton stated . . .”at this point, what difference does it make”?
    IMHO, anyone leaving the UK to fight in Syria should be given a pat on the back and a ‘Refuse return’ (or whatever appropriate no-return nomenclature) stamp on their passport. If these ‘refugees’ and second generation muslims feel it’s important to fight their war in Syria, let them go, but DO NOT permit them to return to the EU under any circumstances and permanently cease all benefits to remaining family members at moment of jihadi-wannabe’s departure. Adios muchacho. Hasta la avista, goodbye and good riddance.

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