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Will the dunderheads finally get it right?

If the EU was a serious institution it would have acted on it ages ago, just what exactly do they not understand about the danger of violent fascistic terrorist groups?

NOTE: The ‘military wing’ of Hezbollah is part and parcel of the same entity, there are no separate institutions within Hezbollah and Hamas terror organizations, anymore than there were separate units within the Al Capone mob in Chicago. The bribing of officials and social services to communities in the areas of the mob’s influence stemmed from the same office that ordered acts of violence.

MORONIC: Germany permits Hezbollah ‘suicide bomber’ charity to operate

Lebanese Hezbollah militants gesture as

hezbollah supporters

eu decision for blacklisting heznazis in late fall 28.6.2013

BERLIN – Italian Deputy Foreign Minister for Development and Cooperation Lapo Pistelli said on Wednesday in Beirut that the EU is slated to make a decision in late 2013 on whether to include Hezbollah on its list of terrorist organizations.

The Italian official told Lebanese paper The Daily Star that a European decision on blacklisting Hezbollah will not take place for “at least five [or] six months.”

Pistelli’s timeline about a possible ban against Hezbollah confirms a statement made by a source who is well-versed in the EU debate on outlawing Hezbollah’s military wing. The source told The Jerusalem Post that an EU decision is likely to take place in November or December.

Media articles in early June reported that Italy spearheaded an effort to block the United Kingdom’s push to label Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist entity.

Italy along with Austria, Finland and the Czech Republic are considered the EU members that are the most opposed to designating Hezbollah as a terrorist group.

The Star reported that Pistelli said the debate among EU countries centered around evidence of Hezbollah’s involvement in a July 2012 terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria, that resulted in the deaths of five Israelis and their Bulgarian bus driver.

According to the Lebanese paper, the debate over the Burgas attack is a primary reason for Pistelli’s view that “Hezbollah, or part of it, would not be added to the bloc’s terror list in the immediate future.”

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  1. Everyone has short memories,Hezbollah prior to 9/11/01 killed more Americans and others than the Taliban or Al Quada.

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