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Spain: “Soon the Muslims Will Be the Kings of the World” 

Suicide bomber and gunmen co-ordinate attack at Peshawar mosque killing at least 15 during Friday prayers

Jewish man shot dead at Western Wall holy site in Jerusalem by security guard who thought he was a Palestinian militant shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

‘Allah-u-Akbar’: State Department unclassifies first official photos from aftermath of Benghazi attack, including jihadi graffiti left behind

EDL rally: Theresa May considers banning US bloggers from UK 

U.S. soldiers set to deploy to Egypt for riot control 

(Your gonna need a stiff drink before you read this mate-Im in shock) TRAGIC REPORT: The Eight Year Old Girl Who Didn’t Make It Past Her Wedding Night… (WARNING: Story Is Extremely Graphic) 

Muslim Islamist Jihad Shariah Cancer Attacking Democracy & Freedom World

Tommy R on BBC London news i player 

Snowden faces execution as sealed complaint charges espionage 

US Ambassador to Egypt accused of pro-Muslim Brotherhood bias ahead of bias

British Big Bro: UK spy agency & NSA ‘siblings’, share mined data 

Wild Bill for America “Scumbag Journalism” 

Friends of Syria agree to arm rebels Al jizz 

Damascus clashes rage, Aleppo rebels in new attack 

Calls for anti-islam protest through Croydon to be banned

North West Frontline group far right protest in Burnley

Furious feminist backlash after Bank of England announced plans to replace image of Elizabeth Fry with Winston Churchill on £5 notes

British Summer Time is like a Muslim war…one minute it’s Sunni the next it’s Shiite!

Tyrannies across the world are crushing dissent. In Britain contempt for the political class is growing. Is it possible that democracy is dying?

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