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Toronto Somali mohammadans want free rein to commit crime

‘MI5 and MI6 tried to recruit me’: Younger brother of Woolwich murder suspect says ‘threatening’ British spies made 11 attempts to make him an informant

‘He’s a terrorist!’ Outrage as anti-gun group names slain Boston bomber as one of VICTIMS of gun violence during rally memorializing Sandy Hook massacre

Iceland holds ‘informal talks’ over Edward Snowden asylum

Children ‘dying by the roadside’ as refugees flee for the border 

Swansea man ordered to remove Union flag from his home 

Hamas: 100,000 children to train at military camps this summer 

Jordan prepares for war 

(Zimmerman is getting hung out to dry) George Zimmerman trial: Jury pool asked about crime, guns in Round 2 of selection process 

Islamic group says UCF professor promotes “raw, anti-Muslim hate” 

Attacks by thieves forces World War I memorial to be removed 

Gaza ‘collaborator’ sentenced to death, says Hamas 

The Arabs of Israel 

Why Charles Moore is wrong about British Muslims

A good example of Taqiyya from Sadiq Khan MP for Tooting. Khan has items of note in his past. He is such a close friend of Babar Ahmed, currently awaiting trial for terrorism in the US, that his visits to Ahmed in prison (which went far beyond any responsibility for a constituent by an MP) that anti-terrorist police felt the need to keep the meetings under surveillance.

And before he became an MP he was a lawyer at the ultra left-wing firm of solicitors who specialised in representing ethnic minority police officers against the police. Corrupt copper Ali Dizaei was his best client.

[Traffic warden attacked outside Mansfield mosque 

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    1. Consider it done, and give Paul my best, it’s been awhile since we’ve last talked.

  1. Thousands of Syrian Christians who were driven out of their homes in al-Qusair last year have returned after government forces recaptured the town in a fierce battle against the rebels.

    Following al-Qusair’s occupation by opposition troops, Christians reported hearing last June from the minarets, “Christians must leave al-Qusair within six days”, prompting them to flee.

    They were among the first to return earlier this month after the Syrian government defeated the rebels following an intense three-week battle. Fighting had driven out most of the town’s 40,000 plus residents, of whom Christians comprise around ten per cent.

    They had fled to surrounding villages and the capital, Damascus. Returning to a scene of almost total destruction, many of them have lost everything; their homes and churches are severely damaged or in ruins. The authorities have vowed to rebuild the town and restore services.

    One church in the centre of al-Qusair had been defaced with anti-Christian graffiti, including chilling statements such as:

    The religion of our master will be victorious against all tyrants.


    Assad is by any measure, hundreds of times better then the Jihadis the US, UK and France are backing.

  2. Charles Moore’s article was a statement of truth.
    It’s welcome that the Torygraph is moving away from the cowardly political correctness that the poisonous arseholes within the public sector tend to enforce.
    Free speech is the backbone of civilised democracy!

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