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  1. Herr Goebbels always springs to mind when I consider this sly, manipulative media darling, so sought after as a sound bite friendly talking head by the likes of the BBC.

    Furthermore, in my opinion, a quote that’s attributed to Goebbels neatly sums up our current predicament…

    ‘One of the most ridiculous aspects of democracy will always remain … the fact that it has offered to its mortal enemies the means by which to destroy it.’

  2. Repent, Choudary, and believe in Christ, or YOU will be in hell for eternity.

  3. I have felt for ten years or more, that Anjem Chaudary, Bakri and Abu Hamza should all be given knighthoods.

    Why a knighthood? The UK is a monarchy and the Queen or King is oath bound to defend the Christian faith of the UK. A knight is one who defends the monarch and thus the realm.

    For stirling and courageous defence of the Christian realm of Her Majesty the Queen, I find it hard to think of anyone as outstanding as the above three.

    So arise Sir Anjem Chaudary etc.

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