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In the spirit of ”I told you so”, I post a portion Fjordman’s piece from 2005 on Husby, astutely published by Vlad last night.

Vlad: Before you read the current news, you may want to read this Fjordman piece from 2005 on the same suburb.

An excerpt:

In Husby, a Stockholm suburb, gangs of immigrant youngsters are harassing other visitors who come to use the swimming pool. A Swedish school class was attacked and robbed by a large group of teenage boys shouting “Swedish bastards!(Svennejävlar) You don’t belong here!”

The police in Husby are aware of the problem, but say it is an integration problem that the police can’t solve alone. In another case, some twenty youths armed with iron rods and chains smashed the Hjulsta school in Stockholm. They also threatened and attacked several of the pupils. Neither the students nor the teachers dare testify to the police about the incident. Their fears are well-founded, as threats against witnesses in Swedish court cases have quadrupled between 2000 and 2003.

Muslims beat on police in Husby Sweden

They sure thought that they could manage it, now didn’t they?

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  1. are you SURE these are muslims? Are YOU in HUbsy to confirm this?

    Hmm… just wondering aloud here.. when one condemns islam , does that make the person a better christian?

    1. When one condemns Islam, one is using all of his mental faculties in a logical, rational way. Husby is heavily muslim populated area, hence the no go mentality they place on the authorities as they themselves try to govern their hell hole with anarchy.

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