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I look at it from a security issue, not from a ”gender equality” issue, which statists love to use to impose their views, what free individuals can and cannot do according to their own moral compass as long as it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of others. Also, individuals in society should be allowed to discriminate against the garment, for example store owners and banks etc etc.

finns party calls for burka ban 5.5.2013

In Saarakkala’s opinion, the matter is related to gender equality.

Saarakkala cited France, where the veil is banned, as a model. According to the MP, the banning of the burkha and the niqab is a clear statement from the government that the traditional beliefs of special groups do not take precedence over human rights.

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  1. […] What I personally think should be addressed however, is the issue of public safety, whether it be walking as a pedestrian on a busy city street with children in tow, or driving a car, or entering a store or bank where one’s identity should be easily viewed, or simply being a security risk in this day and age of Islamic terrorism. This is something that the snarky Finnish blogger misses completely in her rant against the Finns MP, Vesa-Matti Saarakkala, who recently proposed in the Finnish parliament a ban on the wearing of the Burka and niqab. […]

  2. why dont you europeans get some balls. muslims have already FKD up France, the UK and Holland..Finland can spare itself the same by saying no to Muslim immigration…

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