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  1. This fact plus the intent of the PA to have a Sharia totalitarian state plus the intention to make it truly apartheid (Judenrein) plus the horrible history of Gaza’s behavior as a template – these are three of many more which make the whole concept of a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel a completely unrealistic proposal.

    Since the PA/Hamas or MB or whoever wants to have sovereignty over the territory have always repeated that they will never budge on these issues then there never will be one. End of story. That’s just the reality from a rational logical viewpoint.

  2. […] Remember folks, the Palestinian Arabs use children within their military structure in their terrorist war against the Jewish state. From 10 years old on up, they are at beck and call of the military echelon to help out in whatever capacity they seem fit, from rock throwing to bomb carrying and the launching of missiles. UNRWA, the UN’s second refugee agency instills hatred for Israel and Jews in its schools. […]

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