And Europeans officials swear that they have a low tolerance for Nazis, why aren’t they acting against these very visible ones? All they need to do is to place them on list of recognized terrorist organizations.

Lebanese Hezbollah militants gesture as

Lisa Abramowicz, secretary-general of the Swedish-Israel Information Center, told the Post that it’s time for the “EU to call a spade a spade.”

EU Experts call for action against Hezbollah

02/25/2013 01:34

In light of Lebanese-Swedish man’s confession to membership in Hezbollah, Swedish and Dutch experts warn of new dangers.

BERLIN – Since Hossam Taleb Yaacoub, a Lebanese-Swedish man, confessed to membership in Hezbollah last week in a Cypriot criminal court proceeding, close observers of the radical Islamic group have been warning of new dangers if the group is not sanctioned.

”Terrorism is terrorism. But where it concerns the terrorist organization Hezbollah, Europe has been, and still is, a giant ostrich,” Wim Kortenoeven, a former Dutch MP and one of the Netherland’s leading Middle East experts, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. “I fear that the European citizens are going to pay a very heavy price for this dangerous policy.”

Kortenoeven added that Hezbollah and its terrorist Iranian masters are not only the enemies of the Jewish people and the Jewish State, but also of Europe and Western civilization as a whole.

“If these menacing forces are not defeated by us, they will eventually defeat us. The next Hezbollah bombing target might not be Jewish, but the Channel Tunnel or Disneyland near Paris,” he said.

Hezbollah provided financial payments, as well as weapons training, to Yaacoub to carry out tracking of Israeli flight and tourist movements on the Island, according to his own testimony.

Cyprus authorities allege Yaacoub sought to mount terror attacks against Israelis. The defendant denies planning to participate in terror acts against Israelis.

Lisa Abramowicz, secretary-general of the Swedish-Israel Information Center, told the Post that it’s time for the “EU to call a spade a spade.”

“Hezbollah is a terror organization and should be listed as such by the EU, same as the USA and Canada. It is especially important for Sweden to push for this, as two Swedish citizens have been charged with being responsible for the attack and the planning for a similar attack,” she said.

The EU’s refusal to designate Hezbollah a terror entity attracted attention last week in the US media.

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