Belgium Islam in Belgium



Nothing like a daily reminder of what daily life could look like if similar minded fundamentalist Muslims become reach parity with the host society, and eventually overtake it. These rejects are not going away folks, the only way to stop them is to clamp down on immigration from their neck of the woods, and to wise up the rest of society to what they are all about, and to stop catering to the Muslim community’s whims.

NOTE: Making it absolutely clear that anyone who joins their ranks and/or refuses to condemn them, will be relegated to the fringe of society, and anyone convicted of a crime holding dual citizenship could face deportation and loss of their passport.

H/T: Vlad

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  1. Another weapon to disintergrate them is to cut all funding to them and their children, and anyone (including native) providing assistance to them. Make it an offence to provide material comfort to islamists.
    There are many things that can be done. We just need the will and resolve to do it and to follow it through.
    Thanks for the video, I cannot make out whats happening, but get the gist of your comments.

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