Tomorrow belongs to… who?


I woke up this morning to find this post by Vlad published at the TT. I had seen the unfinished cut still on his desk late last night, and am excited and overwhelmed by his final cut. I believe that it is his best to date. Sublime and powerful. This will remain the top post at the TT for the rest of the day. Thanks Vlad for all that you do.

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  1. The good citizens of Western Europe and Scandinavia have been sleeping comfortably in their soft beds for the past 40 years – too comfortable and apathetic to take a stand against the inroads of Islam in their countries.

    The question now is: Is it too late to stop this gradual erosion of western liberties and the values that have made Christian Europe what is today?

    Islam is incompatible with the basic values of western civilization and unless a stand is taken now, Europe will be Eurabia in 30 years time.

    All great civilizations rise and fall as revealed to Nebuchadnezzar when Daniel described the King’s troubling dream and its interpretation.

    The slide is underway – the political leaders of the left are just the lackies and stooges aiding and abetting it.

    When weakness is detected – bullies and thugs take advantage, and this is just what Muslim immigrants are doing with increasing success.

    The decline of the west will continue as long as the political and moral will is lacking to confront and (TT: neutralize meaning change in policies) neutralise this menace.

    1. Well . . when I use the word “neutralise”, the meaning is to render this movement powerless to wreak further damage.

      However the political and moral will is lacking; the future is not looking too flash for Europe.

      Check out what Soeren Kern writes on 8th May in Pundicity: “German Cartoon Riots: Clubs Bottles and Stones”.


  2. Hitler’s Nazi party started out with a fraction of the ‘new brownshirts’ clogging up the streets of Europe now.

  3. Thank you TT, I have forwarded this excellent video, and dropped some change in Vlad’s jar.

  4. Thank you DB523 for your donation…Vlad was really grateful for it in a conversation with him today.

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