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 It was really painful to listen to the shmendrik who spoke first, pouring liberal goo all over the ears of his listeners about how Obama is so in tune with Jewish concerns and values, when in fact he’s nothing more than a charlatan who will use the Jews to further his own statist goals. Obama is the great divider and wrecking ball of the US economy, as well as not having Israel’s back.

NOTE: I really believe that Jewish Americans are going to abandon Obamanomics and his hatefest for Israel administration come November, in spite of all the leftard pressure.

H/T: Sheik Yer’Mami

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  1. Takes an “outsider” to tell it like it is.

    For a variety of reasons; self-hatred, wanting to fit in and tow the line, misplaced liberalism, cultural relativism, political correctness etc there are just SO many Jews who are traitors today. Its great to see a gentile telling a Jewish audience how it is. Trento rocks!

  2. Hm, me thinks the good Rabbi is unfamiliar with the portions in the Torah where G-d is very specific, do not forget Amalek, for they tried to kill you; King Saul his kingship for his failure to wipe out the nation of Amalek. Indeed, in the parashah Behar, there is a direct commandment to pursue your enemy, and let us not forget the commandment to protect your own life if in danger.

    He might be compelled to study the Torah again, and not get overly satisfied with his self perceived brilliance. Perhaps he is blinded in his own self-glory?

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