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  1. Where does one begin to address David Spiro, Co-chair of The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs – who intentionally or not – speaks on behalf of the entire Jewish community, a community which intentionally blind-folds-itself-with-self-inflicted-ignorance of immutable Islamic doctrine?

    Quoting the video beginning @ 0:26 :

    “Well, the Jewish community, once we became aware of this material . . .”

    Now, what is preventing the entire Jewish community from becoming aware of this material? It is available to review in Islamic doctrine. Open a qur’an and read the damn thing. Examine the hadiths. Review the sira.

    “. . .was shocked that it would diseminated and possibly used as teaching material, you know, within a curriculum to youngsters. . .”

    Oh, give me a break! A religious class is going to use religious doctrine in their curriculum. Again, what, pray tell, prevents you from examining this doctrine?

    “. . . anywhere in Canada but particularly here in Toronto, in our own city. . . .”

    Begs the question, ‘What does the location, “particularly here in Toronto and Canada” offer to prevent such dissemination of hate literature?’ Do tell.

    “Yes, they did take the material down, which is a very good first step but more needs to be done. For example, it suggests that this material was used to teach youngsters. “. . .

    “It suggests?” Give the man a prize! Gah! Of course it was used to teach youngsters as it represents immutable Islamic doctrine.

    “. . .Is it still being used to teach youngsters? Was it picked up by other schools? Is it used elsewhere? “. . .

    Ugh. Will someone hand this man a clue please! Removal of the offensive material from a website is meaningless. Mr. Spiro, if the material is sourced from either the immutable qur’anic text, the sira (life of Mohammed), and/or the hadith (the Traditions of Mohammed), what makes you think this dangerously offensive material isn’t going to be taught – uniformly – throughout the Islamic religious establishment? Again, do tell!

    “. . .We need to know the answers to these questions and we want to ensure accountability by those who adopted this curriculum,. . .”

    Kindly elaborate on that theme, “accountability”, particularly the “ensure” feature. Curious minds would like to know. Legal precedent is established to have child protective services infringe upon parental rights in cases involving ‘racism’. Why isn’t this legal rationale applied uniformly?

    “. . . and for them to tell us – ‘look, we’re going to teach tolerance. We’re going to teach respect. “. . .

    Oh, but you see Mr. Spiro, they DO teach ‘respect’ . . .for Islam, as guided by Islam and ONLY Islam. How many spiritual one-way-bridge-building/interfaith dialogue sessions (aka dawa) by local Muslims have you attended? Pay attention, the only respect discussed and encouraged is the respect of Islam.

    . . .” We undertake to do that, and we will do that.” . . .

    Define “that”. If it’s more of the one-way-bridge-building nonsense, then, no thanks. But if you are anticipating these lessons to teach assimilation, tolerance and respect for non-Muslims . . .I have a suggestion. . . Don’t hold your breath on that.

    . . .” That would be reflecting Canadian values and also reflecting the values of the TPSD whose premises were used for the disemination of this hatred. “

    Insist all you want. Canadian values contradict Islamic values. The TPSD should accept the FACT that Islamic doctrine is immutable to it’s followers, and by that I mean, Islamic doctrine trumps Canadian doctrine. The TPSD should carefully examine the details of Islamic doctrine in it’s entirety to avoid any future unfortunate alliances/leases which conflict with Canadian values. Take off the blinders. Not only is self-inflicted ignorance unattractive – it’s bloody suicidal.

  2. To be honest I’m genuinely shocked when I meet a Muslim that doesn’t hate Jews. Sad.

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