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It stems from the feminization of Swedish society.

What do you expect from a society that switches gender roles?

Sweden’s defence ‘not fit for battle’: expert

Sweden’s armed forces would not be able to defend Sweden should the need arise, according to experts, who point to the lack of protection against radiation, chemical and biological warfare, and the needs for field hospitals and helicopter training.

“The Swedish armed forces could not be deployed if the situation would require it,” said defence analyst Johan Tunberger, formerly of Sweden’s Defence Research Agency (Totalförsvarets forskningsinstitut, FOI) to daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD).

The government, prioritizing a “balanced economy” thinks that the armed forces should be reformed without a new cash injection; something Tunberger says is a recipe for disaster.

When the new minister for defence Karin Enström was appointed in mid-April, prime minister Reinfeldt said that one of the more fundamental tasks the new minister would face is to keep the armed forces’ finances in order.

However, this may be a tall order, as SvD showed that the need for a balanced economy in the military has meant that planned material investments have been postponed.

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  1. Everyone is the same. There is no differences of gender or race.

    I suggest that Sweden recruit Lesbians, particularly Muslim lesbians, into the army, and make them an elite SAS type unit.

    I see no reason why it shouldn’t work – none at all.

  2. PS

    Do not recruit Swedish heterosexual males. They are totally useless – they cant even protect their own women from half starved Somali barbarians, leave alone a determined and well armed enemy.

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