Starting that dawa at an early age. I wouldn’t allow my kid to go to a mosque any more than I would allow them to visit a communist or nazi worker’s hall.

H/T: Vlad

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  1. Did the Imam explain why two Muslim doctors attempted to Blow Glasgow airport up with a Jeep laden with gas canisters, were they informed of the brutal (most brutal murder in living memory) of 15 year old Kriss Donald who was abducted, severley beaten, stabbed several times,ahd his tongue cutout and who was then set on fire, did they explain about the murder of 57 year old William Mckeaney who was beaten to death by two Muslim men as he returned home from the pub to his partners home in Polloksheilds in Glasgow aka Muslim enclave, were Williams slayers simply enforcing sharia??? This leftist brainwashing of children mustbe halted, their teacher is not fit to shape young childrens minds. Glasgow a historically crime rivven city known for its high murder rates and violence, Glasgow is becoming a `mecca` for more and more Islamic migrants as Britains open door policy continues, Glasgow’s most violent and crime rivven district has switched from the long standing central areas of the inner city, and switched to Govanhill, a place transformed by Islamic migration over the last couple of decades.

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