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LE PEN’S National Front still has ways to go before I could ever give it a golf clap, (that goes for the other socialist parties there as well) but it’s interesting to see that cultural Muslims are aghast at the successes of their fundamentalist co-religionists who are turning France into Maghreb backwater state. This underlines the Counterjihad’s position that Islamization is indeed a fact, that it’s happening before our very eyes, and that it has to be addressed in a real way if Europe and the West are going to survive with all of its basic values and hard won rights.

‘I’m Arab, a Muslim, and I vote Marine Le Pen’

'I’m Arab, a Muslim, and I vote Marine Le Pen'

If French Muslims are largely left-leaning in their voting preferences, there are exceptions. spoke to three French Muslims of Arab descent, all of whom vote for the far-right National Front party. Here are their testimonies.

By Malika KERKOUD (text)

Karima, policewoman: “Many of my colleagues of Arab descent vote far right, but don’t dare say so.”

A 33-year-old naturalised French citizen of Moroccan origin, Karima is a mother of three, married to a Frenchman. She arrived in France 15 years ago, and has a diploma in Computer Science from a French university. Now she works as a policewoman in Paris and declined to provide her last name.

Karima says she started becoming interested in the ideas of Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the extreme-right National Front party, in 2002. That was almost a decade before Le Pen handed over the party leadership to his youngest daughter, Marine, in 2011. These days, Karima says she regularly attends party meetings and votes for National Front candidates whenever she can.

“My vote is an expression of my rejection of certain Muslim Arabs [in France], whom I personally consider ‘thugs’. They’ve destroyed French society. At least in the old days, they lived in the same suburbs,” said Karima, referring to the largely immigrant, impoverished “banlieues” of major French metropolises. “But for the last several years, the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, has done everything in his power to house them in nice neighbourhoods – like the 15th district, where I live.”

She says she is generally furious at these French-born citizens of North African origin who show no consideration for their country. If the National Front ever gets a candidate elected to the presidency, she would like to see people who “don’t deserve” their French nationality stripped of their citizenship.

According to Karima, many of her “colleagues of Arab descent vote far right, but don’t dare say so”.

Farid Smahi, former National Front office employee: “I’m Arab, I celebrate Ramadan, and I vote Le Pen”

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  1. What the heck is “far-right” anyway? Extreme individualists (anarchists) or collective/totalitarian? Which is it?

    Some call the Nazis “far-right” but to me that’s just one brand of communism, defined by the requirement to tow the party line (the ideology of the collective).

    What is called today freely “far-right” seems to me to be “rational”, or an attitude that champions the individual’s right to run his own life.

    They can call me far-right then, but not with a sneer as MSM loves to do, but more as a compliment.

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