George Gallaoway




Loathsome George* figures out early on in “the interview” that things are going badly south for him, so he takes to badgering and shouting down the guest to eat up time. He’s truly a loathsome jerk, and someone who IMHO, truly represents the mindset of the Left. What most Leftist political hacks and their supporters lack in abusive verbal skills of Galloway, they make up in their ability to lie and scheme and manipulation of the voter.

NOTE*: Vlad’s new term from him. Help us make it stick.

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  1. David Henshaw smiles and laughs throughout because he knows that he is dealing with a buffoon. He doesn’t even have to make much of an effort to make George look stupid. Once he realizes that George won’t even answer a simple question, he sticks with that point and allows George to make himself look stupid.
    George Galloway has got himself in a bit of a mess off-camera as well actually. He has rather foolishly joined the stupid club – the club whose members cannot leave, for fear of death. Like all stubborn, self-righteous men, he joined the club without reading the handbook first, well, at least not all of it.
    Even fools like him will eventually discover the truth but by then it will probably be too late. What have you done, George? You’ve sold your soul to fight for the wrong cause, like others before you (Cat Stevens springs to mind).
    I don’t think that George has quite had his day yet. His recent election victory shows that his biggest day of glory is probably yet to come, but his glory will be short-lived. He’s bought himself a one-way ticket to hell and he will realize that very soon!

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