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France: Muslims stone Christians in church during Mass

No one will take much note of this. It is just one story among the thousands that together tell the tale of France’s decline and Islamization. Eurabia Update: Here is my translation of “Carcassonne Des fidèles caillassés pendant la messe à Saint-Joseph,” by Yannick Bonnefoy in Midi Libre, May 27 (thanks to David):

Carcassonne: The faithful stoned during Mass at St. Joseph

Yesterday at 6:20PM, as Fr. Roger Barthes began to celebrate mass, four youths, aged 14 to 18, broke into the Church of St. Joseph, before launching handfuls of pebbles at 150 faithful present at the service. Immediately, men began pursuing the young troublemakers, but in vain. They managed to vanish into thin air, heading towards the city La Conte.

Interrupted by regrettable unexpected event, Mass was finally able to proceed as planned. Although no one was injured and nothing was broken in the church, located along the Avenue Jean Moulin, the parishioners, many of whom are elderly, were greatly shocked by the disrespectful act of the youths of North African origin….

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  1. Fifty years ago this would have been HUGE news. Even the most ruthless and most immoral of criminals would never have considered attacking churchgoers. This was taboo even for them, yet the perpetrators of this crime are not even classed as villains but are the adherents of another so-called religion, although no one in their right mind could ever call the filth that is Islam, a religion.
    I never thought that I would live to see the day, not only when such things happen, but when most people don’t care. Shame on Europe! Shame on the World!

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