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FDL’s Mimosa Dedanann handles herself quite well.

Last night Finnish state broadcaster YLE,  aired a hit piece against the Finnish Defense League on its Silminnäkijä program. Using a Dan Koivulaakso as an “expert” on the ”far-right wing” in Finland, who is in fact himself, a Finnish hard far-Left anti-Israel activist, the program set the pace early on of its overt hostility towards the FDL.

Knuckle dragging Finnish Neo-Nazis were interviewed straight away, as well as attempting to create the narrative of a recent killing of a Somali youth (in Finland) as a hate crime, though the police were absolutely clear about the complete lack of evidence that the homicide had a racist element.

FDL’s Mimosa Dedanann was given only a minute or so in the program to speak (the video below is the full 8 minutes of the actual interview), but the narrative was clearly cast in stone by the time she was introduced, …”neo-nazis/far right-wing” etc. Interestingly enough, much of her support appears to be coming from the Greens.

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