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More reasons why Finland should leave the EU, and hold the UN in contempt. The ICAHD is as radical as a Leftist radical organization can get. Finland has it’s own branch, that issued a petition demanding the Finnish government to cease it’s weapons trade with Israel, and yes, Old Scruffy, Finland’s Foreign Minister signed ICAHD’s petition.

So we as taxpayers are funding projects that are highly selective and biased against a fellow democracy, by a cadre of Leftist radicals who can never be counted on to show any similar zeal in highlighting real human rights abuses elsewhere in the ME. It’s only Israel that’s held out for ridicule and demonized. These people are deranged.

NOTE: The UN and the EU are two of the most corrupted international political entities in the entire world, yet we fund them and they piss our money away on crap like this.

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  1. The proportions of this treason are truely amazing.
    All over the world western leaders are actively promoting Islam. I cannot see the logic of it.
    Our leaders really think Islam is good for Christians, Jews and Democracy. They are so intelligent (indoctrinated) that they are unable to explain their actions.
    Why do they persist doing this self hating thing.
    In Australia our taxes are being used to promote Islam also. Why?

  2. If I was leader of a great nation, I would abandon the UN and the EU and form my own club. I would ask like-minded nations to join me.
    There should be a new EU called the EKU (European Kaffirs Union). There would be no single currency. It would only a free-trade agreement (like EFTA). It would have a common policy to remove any Islamization from its member states and all member states would sign an agreement promising to uphold and defend free speech (similar to the U.S. First Amendment).
    Likewise there should be a new United Nations. No states would be allowed to join unless they agree to freedom of speech amongst their people, equal rights for women and complete secularization of government. The HQ will be somewhere in Israel.

  3. Well . . Finnish voters picked the current government of which “Old Scruffy” masquerades as the Foreign Minister going about doing good deeds for Finland and everyone else presumably.

    So fellow Finns you just have to suck it up for the time being I regret to say.

    And has he tidied himself up and got rid of that strange growth on his face yet?

    Just wondering.

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