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The Jews were not invited to give their opinion.

Vlad says: Hey! What do you know! Music IS allowed in Islam! I guess I was all turned around about that

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  1. Music generally is not allowed in Islam, but singing is (I can’t remember where I read this, but it’s tucked away in the Hadiths somewhere, I think).

    Anyway, back to the subject. It’s not surprising that Muzloids are declaring Jerusalem as their capital. This is one of the things that they have wanted all along and is more proof that Islam has Satanic origins. Jerusalem is the holiest city in the World, bar none. Mecca and Medina are mere fakes (especially Mecca).
    By coveting Jerusalem, the Islamists have declared war on God. They are fools and are unwittingly instigating their own downfall. I was a lifelong agnostic who is now beginning to see the truth in the reality of the Judaeo-Christian God, a God that is definitely NOT Allah.
    Believe me when I tell you that the only reason that Muslims desire Jerusalem so much is because their stupid false prophet had a dream about flying to Jerusalem, a dream based on his own envy of the Jews. This is a big mistake on the part of Muslims. Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, and the Muslim lust for the holiest of cities will eventually lead to their own demise!

    1. Clapping their hands and waving their arms arounds like little kids.

      Yes indeed . . they can all die as martyrs . . if that is their wish, Hagazi leading the charge (as if).

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