Afghanistan Rape Sweden



And Swedish women were telling me that they want more, many more refugees into Sweden, regardless of where they hail from.

Please click over to Bare Naked Islam for the details and written story:

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  1. Once upon a time, offering young girls to dragons was an accepted policy to appease the dragon, and let the rest of the community to live in peace. In this case the dragon is green.

    This was in times prehistoric. But in historic times, a similar policy was in force until St George slew the green dragon, and set the road for Europe to lose its fear of the Islamic green dragon.

    But since when did this policy of offering young girls to the Islamic dragon become active again. Why was this undeclared policy in force.

    What is required now is not just one politician or two that needs to be punished, but whole slew of them.

    War crime trials were held by the Allies to try German Nazis. But how does one prosecute those who have betrayed their own civilisation, even to the extent of betraying children, whose safety was in their keeping? Nuremberg type trials seem insufficient for such types of crimes.

    After the war, traitors found in the countries liberated from the Nazis, were simply executed – after a summary trial. But even these traitors did not betray children to the enemy, to be used as sexual sports by them.

    There is something truly hideous about the crimes that has been committed by the establishment of the UK and Sweden and Norway). It is so hideous that no paper can openly state it, for they are either ashamed or complicit ( with the exception of Channel 4).

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