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Tommy holds his own with four other opponents, including the host of the show. The BNP guy was a complete buffoon.

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  1. The Muslims typically try to bully Tommy by continuously talking over him. Their tactic is not to take responsibility for any of the actions of people of Muslim background while blaming all people of Christian background for the actions of a few. They also ignore British law in the case of sex with underage girls.

    The other hypercritical tactic they use during this debate is to blame Islamic terrorism on colonialism yet in every case Western colonialism was a direct response to Muslim imperialism e.g. the West needed new trade routes because Europe was essentially blockaded by Muslims in the Mediterranean and the East so couldn’t do trade with India or China. The other point about this argument is that they always conveniently ignore Muslim colonisation/imperialism of Christian lands e.g. the Ottoman Empire in Greek lands and the Balkans and the Arabs across Christian North Africa and the Middle East and of India etc. In every single case it was Muslims that attacked and took over Christian lands first from the original Arab conquest until the Ottomans.

  2. One of the Muslims says all Muslims are forbidden to have sex outside marriage and they Muslims don’t believe Aisha was 9 when Mohammed had sex with her. Tell that to Iran which has legally sanctions “day marriages” (Nikah mut‘ah) to have sex with prostitutes and in which the legal age of Marriage IS 9 because of Aisha.


    1. Exactly Steve. Tommy has some work to do, but in all honesty, he should have never taken up the challenge since it was basically 5 against 1, and he would never be given the chance to have as much speaking time to make to the difference. That said, he did the best he could..which was pretty good in spite of the circumstances.

  3. The basic mistake has been that Christians are using Christian values to deal with individuals who operate outside Christianity with a different set of rules. When that mistake is corrected, progress can be made. Past time to stop apologizing for being Christian or secular. Every example used by muslims of what Christians did to wrong them, is an example of what works to counter them. We should do more of that, not less–with no apologies. Rationales and discussion favor their evil. They have no business in our countries.

  4. The panel was stacked 3 to 2, why have the phone Muslim? Also, the BNP guy was useless and weird making general philosophical statements and not engaging in debate. Tommy did pretty well though but I’d say he’s a fantastic rousing speaker but not as comfortable a debator. I was quite impressed with the Spanish Muslims debating skills although I disagree with most of what he said. The English Dmimmi convert was a typical useful idiot but I think meant well.

    In all I’d these debates Yhe fundamental problem is that the Muslims don’t need to convince us Islam is peaceful (i personally don’t think there’s a more violent or less tolerant belief system)but need to convince Islamists of this.

  5. The points I would have made during the debate are;

    It doesn’t matter what the Koran says about underage marriage what matters is British law.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. You can’t argue Anders Breivik is a Christian terrorist (as the Muslims said) while arguing the 1000s of Islamist terrorists are not.

    Nothing justifies murdering civilians. Therefore all the excuses about Western Foreign policy causing Muslim terrorism are baseless. Last time I checked every Muslim country had terrible foreign policies but no ones blaming them for the actions of Christians.

  6. Re: Grooming gangs and alcohol. The islamists say it is because there was alcohol involved that this can’t be related to islam.

    This is sophistry.

    It isn’t the muslims drinking the alcohol and getting addicted to drugs. It is the victims. Alcohol and drugs are the method the muslims use to enable their “right hands” to possess the girls.


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